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Welcome to Southwest Florida's Youth Basketball League!


What is SWFL Youth Basketball?

A02-Lady-Ballers-vs-Surry-Storm133We are the organization that is developing the basketball skills and desires of the youth of Southwest Florida.  We have a Collier County Division that plays Sunday games at Barron Collier High School and a Lee County Division that plays Saturday games at Cypress Lake High School.   As your child learns the game of basketball, we offer different levels of play and programs so, that as your child develops, we help take your child to his/her next level of ability.   Simply put, we raise the benchmark of basketball talent in Southwest Florida.


What does SWFL Youth Basketball Offer?

We offer year-round basketball leagues for our youth ages 4 to 17.   We have five 7-week programs during the school calendar years.   The players practice 1 to 3 nights per week and have weekend games.   We offer personal training, private and group lessons.   Our leagues follow a coach the coach model where our high school coaches are teaching our volunteer coaches.


SWFL Youth Basketball Accomplishments

We started in a small gym in East Naples with 90 kids.   And 3 years later we are,

  • Two divisions of play, with a Collier County AND a Lee County division
  • Serving more than 2,700 players in our year-round programs
  • Entertaining more than 50,000 fans annually
  • Responsible for developing the Tri-County annual high school league
  • Responsible for developing the competitive middle school league
  • Offering travel team basketball for our qualified league players

Offering, conditioning programs, personal training, private and group lessons.


New Program for 4 to 7 year olds!

a03-Lady-Wildcats-vs-Lady-Jaguars115Are you not sure if basketball is right for your young child?   We understand.   With each of our sessions, our Future Stars group meets for an hour during our weekend games.   Our high school coaches instruct the kids and then split them into teams to teach them the full court game of basketball.   The Future Stars clinic is 6 weeks and only $75.



The Benefits of being a student athlete

SWFL Youth Basketball strongly believes in providing enough activities and programs so that our youth remain focused on the positive aspects of being involved in sports versus being distracted by video games and television.   In 2001 North Carolina performed a survey of 125,000 high school students at 131 schools to compare the sport athletes to students not participating in sports and determined the following results,

  • Mean GPA-2.98 for student athletes and 2.17 for non-athletes
  • Algebra mean testing for student athletes 66.1 and 57.9 for non-athletes
  • English mean testing for student athletes 61.4 and 50.8 for non-athletes
  • School attendance- non athletes miss twice the number of days as student athletes
  • Discipline Referrals for student athletes 33.3% and 41.8% for non-athletes
  • Mean dropout rate for student athletes 0.6% and 10.32% for non-athletes
  • Mean graduation rate for student athletes 99.4% and 93.51% for non-athletes

The National Federation of State High School Associations has published the benefits of extracurricular activities for student athletes, with the following key findings,

  • Students participating in vigorous sports did 10% better in math, science, English and social studies, compared to non-athletes
  • Students who participate in sports are more likely to be engaged in volunteering, voting, speaking in public and watching news, compared to non-athletes


Our Commitment to the Youth of SWFL

No one is more committed to the youth of Southwest Florida than SWFL Youth Basketball.   We are the only organization that is bringing kids together from multiple counties to further develop skills and desires.   SWFL Youth Basketball is making a positive impact on our children in Southwest Florida!

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To see all our members that made their 2013/2014 middle school, freshman and JV teams, please click the link below.


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