Ft. Myers Youth Basketball Registration

We are excited to have our partnership with Evangelical Christian School continue for the 2023-2024 school year. Our 2023/24 school year seasons will be games and practices on Saturdays (and some Sundays). We will not have a during the week practice. In effect, our league is a “Saturday Only” program. There are nine (9) dates in each season, Evaluation Day, Two 90-minute practice days, five (dates) of games and practices on the same day and the Championship tournament day. and Saturdays and Sundays.

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We thank those individuals and families that continue to support our mission to develop youth athletes. Volunteer coaches, team parents, sponsors and advertisers, THANK YOU! We need your help and assistance.

We will be updating our policies for COVID-19 preparation?


Fort Myers League Seasons

Winter 2024 Season

  • January 6th, Evaluation Day
  • January 13th Practice
  • January 20th Practice
  • January 27th Game day 1
  • Feb 3rd, Game day 2
  • Feb 10th, Game day 3
  • Feb 17th, Game day 4
  • End of Season Future Stars, Medals provided this day
  • Feb 24th, Game day 5
  • March 2nd, Championships

Spring 2024 Season

  • March 9th, Evaluation Day
  • March 16th Practice
  • March 23rd Practice
  • March 30th Game day 1
  • April 6th Game day 2
  • Closed April 13th
  • Closed April 20th
  • Closed April 27th
  • May 4th Game day 3
  • May 11th, Game day 4
  • End of Season Future Stars, Medals provided this day
  • May 18th Game day 5
  • Closed Memorial Weekend
  • June 1st, Championships



Evaluations for team placement take place Saturday, March 9th, 2024 at Evangelical Christian School Gymnasium (see map).

All players must arrive for evaluations at the Beginning of their particular start time as indicated by the table to the right for your child’s age group (see league tables below). Check in starts at the designated time per age group. Once the age group is checked in full, kids will have an one hour lesson.

1:15pm – 1:45pm; Player Check-In
1:45pm – 3:00pm; Player Skills Training
Jammers aged 14-17
2:30pm – 3:00pm; Player Check-In
3:00pm – 4:30pm; Player Skills Training
Little Hot Shots aged 11-13
4:00pm – 4:30pm; Player Check-In
4:30pm – 5:45pm; Player Skills Training
Mini Hot Shots aged 9-11
12:00pm – 12:30pm; Player Check-In
12:30pm – 1:45pm; Player Skills Training
Tiny Hot Shots aged 7-9
11:00am – 11:30am; Player Check-In
11:30am – 12:30pm; Player Skills Training
Future Stars aged 4-6


Boys and Girls Youth Basketball Leagues

Youth Basketball Leagues

Future Stars
Boys and Girls 4-6
Tiny Hot Shots Boys and Girls 7-9
Mini Hot Shots Boys 9-11, Girls 10-11
Little Hot Shots Boys 11-13, Girls 12+
Jammers Boys 14+

Program Fees

  • Future Stars: $125 program fee
  • Tiny Hot Shots: $160 program fee
  • All Other Program Participants: $195 program fee.
  • Multiple Sibling Discount: 10% discount for each additional child from the same family.
  • Coaches Child(ren): 1/2 off registration fee with prior approval.


Future Stars

The Future Stars (4-6 age) is a 7 week program, compared to 9 dates for the other age groups. This is a very basic clinic type of program. Our goal is the kids learn to dribble, pass, shoot, and how to get up the court on offense and back on defense. It is an introductory model. Kids will do a lot of drills each week and then divide up into scrimmage games so they can learn the full court game.

Which Age Group Should you Put your Child?

We use a child’s age as a barometer, not a decision maker. Each child matures differently and some kids start playing sports at earlier age than others. For example, an inexperienced 9 year old may choose to participate in our 7-9 Tiny Hot Shots division, while a more experienced 9 year old may want to play in the Mini Hot Shot Division of 9 to 11 year old’s. Similarly, an 11 year old child that is relatively new to basketball, may want to choose the 9 to 11 Mini Hot Shot division, while a very experienced 11 year old may want to participate in the 11 to 13 Little Hot Shot Division.

Game Locations

  • Evangelical Christian School (see map)

Game Days and Times

All games will be played on Saturdays and occasional Sunday, with most games on Saturday.


League Forms


League Awards

  • Each player will receive a team jersey.
  • Champion and Runner-up in each age division, free throw shooting, sportsmanship, 3 Point shooting and or Hot Shot competition all receive league awards.


Game Referees

  • Ages 9 and under play on smaller courts with various lower rim heights and are refereed in “coaching style” by some of the areas top varsity basketball boys and girls.
  • Ages 10+ play on high school regulation courts with certified FHSAA Referees using High School rules.